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—Charles Ghirardi  


   of a Good Contractor... 



Once you have finalized the plans for your upcoming remodeling project and decided on a contractor, there are several other important issues you should be aware of when construction begins. Larger projects, such as room additions, may change the living conditions in your home for the duration of the project. While most of the changes will only be minor inconveniences, you should know beforehand the problems you may encounter when construction begins.

The most important thing to remember is that quality takes time. This may mean waiting an extra day or two for special order materials, or waiting for a particular specialty trade contractor (such as an electrician) that you know is reliable. We know that delaying construction for a couple extra days is not an easy thing to do, but ensuring your project is completed to your total satisfaction will be worth it when your project is completed.

You have heard the expression that even the best made plans can come unraveled. No matter how well you and your contractor plan your project, chances are there may be a conflict along the way. Perhaps the weather may delay construction or the materials supplier may have a delay in shipment. As long as you are aware that minor problems like delays and weather issues are a possibility, you will be better prepared if they occur.

Living in a construction zone, means living with inconveniences during construction. You will probably have workers coming in and out of your home, dust settling throughout the house from construction, and you may not be able to use certain rooms. The homeowner who is prepared for such inconveniences won’t find them quite as inconvenient as the homeowner who plans to continue living as if nothing is taking place in their home. The best way to prepare for you construction project is to talk to your contractor. He knows exactly what will be taking place during construction and can help settle some of the concerns you many have.